Muay Thai (Mod)


Friday 17th April 2020

Saturday 18th April 2020

Sunday 19th April 2020 (if needed)


Weigh in Thursday 9am

Competition begins 9am Friday, then 9am Saturday and 9am Sunday if needed to finalise competition.

Age Groups




Minimum Age

Age is determined as at 31 December 2020 for all age groups.

Minimum age for competition is 34 years old.

Weight Classes

Under 48kg, 48.1-49.5kg, 49.6-51kg, 51.5-52kg, 52.1-53.5kg, 53.6-55kg, 55.1-57kg, 57.1-59kg, 59.1-61kg, 61.1-63.5kg, 63.6-67kg, 67.1-70kg, 70.1-72.5kg, 72.6-76kg, 76.1-79kg, 79.1-83kg, 83.1-86kg, 86.1-90kg, 90.1-95.5kg, Over 95.5kg.

Competitors may move up a division, if the weights are close and no competitor is suitable in their division.

Male and Female compete separately.

Rounds per fight:

3 x 2 mins for ages 34 – 45 years,

3 x 90 secs 46 – 55 years,

3 x 1 mins 56+ years.


Male / Female


Competition Rules

This event will be modified Muay Thai; no spinning backfist strikes, no elbows. Head protection and shin protection will be worn, plus mouth guard, groin protection, appropriate gloves and hand wrapping. (In South Australia, a pre-fight MRI is compulsory if no head protection is worn.) 

Code of Conduct

World kickboxing Association

Sports Insurance


Additional info

Competition will be run under current WKA rules.

Competitors must be registered with SA Sport and Recreation Boxing and Martial arts, free if a one off for Masters Games Competition. A current medical and blood test is needed, forms at below link.

Sports Levy

$30 per person, no catering included

Registrations close

27th March 2020


Mundulla Town Hall


Venue Facilities

Canteen available

Sports Coordinator

Terry Hutchings

0418 807 944

Robyn Miles

0417 873 084